THE DOVE Presence and Provision: Receive and Release “All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. “ John 14:25-27 Gods promise of presence and provision: drawing in, releasing and waiting…… and knowing He , “the Dove” could turn a fly at any moment…. This painting is about Holy Spirits Presence as well as His provision and sustenance. Years ago I raised white doves. I learned that they are one of the few birds that have "crop milk" for their young. The chicks hatch and then nestle up in their mothers’ chest feathers. There she has a type of milk called “crop milk” this is the chicks first nourishment. Holy Spirit was reminding me of this as I painted that Sunday. I KNOW this piece is about Holy Spirits presence and Gods provision! When I am painting during a worship service I am in constant conversation with the Holy Spirit about the canvas I’m working on. I know He has a plan for the piece and I want it to represent what I’m sensing is on His heart. This piece evolved differently than my other pieces I’ve painted with the Lord. This time He had me to lay in the colors and movement of the background by using my fingers to paint. Then I added a few brush strokes. As worship ended that day I sensed the Lord tell me to just sit down and just wait for what was to happen next on this piece. I had begun to see the movement of wings but just was not released to paint them at that time. I took the canvas back to my studio and began to ask the Lord about the next steps. I had seen a dove in the canvas the Sunday it was started, but was not released to paint it that day. I didn’t really understand why, but I wanted to be obedient to what I felt Him saying. As I sat in the studio studying the piece I looked at it and I began to see an image looking back towards me. It was a woman looking as if she was riding the back of this dove! I took my brush in hand and began pulling the wings out and then worked on the woman. Clearly she was sitting on His back and looking back over her shoulder to the viewer. As I painted I suddenly felt a shift inside of me. Sounds odd, but I knew the piece was about to make a big change. I stood back and asked the Holy Spirit for help I listened and watched for where I was to move next. It became very clear to me that The Dove was to painted now. I began to rough it in and then realized the woman I'd seen was now at the heart of this beautiful dove. The chest was very significant! It represents provision and protection, a breastplate of covenant colors! A spectrum of colors began to spill off my brush as if it were ALIVE! The wings receiving and releasing yet His tail feathers were like an anchor. They were pulling in, receiving and releasing all at the same time and yet He is still but could turn quickly! The piece is amazing me as I discover what all God is doing in what He has unfolded to me! I ADORE painting and journeying with Him !! I pray the Lord releases revelation of His heart as you take time to receive all that’s being released through this piece. That provision and protection surrounds you as you experience His presence. Enjoying His presence! ~~~ Jennifer Jones

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SHAVOUT: Pentecost

"Pentecost: SHAVOUT"

     Living water, Mighty Wind, And Tongues of Fire

     When I Heard that the River was going to have a special time of receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost weekend I immediately wanted to catch whatever He released on a canvas! I asked David and he said GREAT! As I prayed into what was on Gods heart for this piece I kept having a strong sense of His breath. I recalled when Jesus breathed on the disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit. “Breath” is not something that is easily portrayed!  I continued to seek wisdom for direction. I did a few sketches but somehow I knew this piece was going to happen as Holy Spirit released what was on Gods heart! Saturday came and I “thought” I had a plan. How the layers of the piece were to be done. Well, right after I prepared the canvas and gave it to the Lord He changed the “plan”! As I stood in front of it I knew the golden “glory” breaking through would go on first. As the Glory came down a river of living water began to break out splashing everywhere! This background was ALIVE with movement! The Glory was all finger-painted and the river was laid in with a loaded palette knife! I stepped away from the piece and asked Holy Spirit what we were doing! In my spirit I heard the Lord say, “ I’M CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!” Well, I was a little undone with that word in my spirit! I couldn’t wait to see what He had for Sunday!
     I woke Sunday morning seeing a huge multileveled splash coming out of the Glory. My spirit could only respond with a “Oh MY!” Worship began that morning and the Holy Spirit quickly hovered over this piece. People could feel His presence when they would peer into the piece. I KNEW He had big plans much bigger than my heart could know for this piece! I began to place the multileveled splash on the canvas. It truly felt like the water was alive! My brush moved all over the canvas almost like writing! Then I began to sense a wind and the splash began to take on the look of wind blowing the water. Suddenly there was a shift and I found myself mixing the colors of fire. My brush dipped in and tongues of fire took form on the tips of the water. I stood back a little out of breathe and not totally sure what all just happened on the canvas, but I liked it!
  That night as we meet together I didn’t really get released to paint. I engaged with what the team from Gateway was doing. I began to see the woman who poured out all she had and she washed Jesus feet with her hair. Then it came time to lay things on the alter and I heard very simply, “ give Me your tears”, “be vulnerable” and “trust Me”. When I paint for the Lord I want to pour out all I am and I desire to bless Him!
 I feel that what I experienced that night would be a part of this “SHAVOUT” piece!
      When I was able to begin to paint again I saw an image in the splash. He was blowing and the water was responding. This piece has MANY hidden images and I believe words can be found as a person takes time to really peer into its imagery and movement. A “wave”/ “splash” of the fullness of the Holy Spirit is being offered we simply need to receive!
   I LOVE CREATING with Holy Spirit inspiration   

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